About me

My name’s Bruno and I’ve been on Earth since 1990. I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I lived since then until I recently when I moved to the historic Colonia del Sacramento.

I started messing with computers since I was a kid so you won’t be surprised to learn that I love technology… until technology gets in in the way.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I work on the IT sector either. I’ve always been more interested on the technical side of IT so I started as an aspiring Networks/Systems Administrator but then things happened and I ended up becoming a full-time Software Developer.

Another interest of mine is photography, although I have a long way before I can call myself a photographer. I kind of began circa 2005 but it really took of at the end of 2006 during a school trip. Nowadays if I’m not relaxing at home after work or at some BBQ, you can find me wandering around the middle of nowhere with my camera, if the weather allows me to.

Things I like

  • Computer & network hardware. While the mainstream stuff is hardly exciting anymore, there’s still a lot to improve on the monitor and wireless space.
  • Since I mentioned hardware I’ll also mention Mikrotik routers, switches and access points. You literally get what you pay for but sometimes that’s a good thing.
  • Photography (and gear but mostly out of curiosity, my stuff may be old but is still capable when paired with good glass)
  • Flight simulation (civilian flight-sim, never got into stuff like DCS, don’t know why).
  • City building games. It’s one of my favorite ways to waste a rainy Sunday at home when there’s nothing else to do.
  • Electrohouse, progressive house & trance are the things I listen to most of the time.
  • Travel. You’d think this wouldn’t need mentioning but I know one person who said they don’t. I’m pretty sure it was a lie.

Things I don’t like

  • Olives, although I do like olive oil. I know, they taste nothing alike but still I find it odd.
  • Spiders. Don’t think I need to explain that one.
  • Python. Not the animal, the language, which is funny because everything I’ve been doing the past 2+ years has been nothing but Python. Maybe that’s the issue here?
  • Subscription-based software licensing for stuff that literally isn’t SaaS (ever heard of Adobe?)
  • The way most “smart” appliances need a working internet connection and are only usable via the internet, despite them being literally on the same network as I am. So far, anything Sonoff/eWeLink related is a huge mess with Home Assistant, Wiz light-bulbs and others are totally fine.
  • People that are constantly talking about their morals and values. This is always a red flag, I’ve learned that the hard way. If your morals need defending, well… Remember, actions speak louder than words, or something like that.

More about me

Check out these pages for more information:

You can reach me via the following:

  • Email: mail -at- somethingbense.com. Spam filter is very aggressive, choose your words carefully.
  • Instagram: sometimes I upload pics up there and that’s it.
  • Flickr: I don’t post there anymore. It has been replaced by Instagram.
  • Twitter: I’m considering dropping Twitter completely. I never tweet anyways. It’s become an extremist hellhole.
  • LinkedIn: the place everyone likes to pretend they’re at the top of their corporate game.
  • TikTok: I’ve decided to give TikTok a 3rd chance. I now upload low-effort timelapses.