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Something is meta when it’s self-referencing, or when it references its idiosyncrasy. Or at least that’s what the word meant until Facebook ruined it for all.

Getting started

So I woke up and decided to pick up my bad old habit of blogging. This time I’m doing this in English instead of Spanish, don’t know why but it serves as an excuse to improve my writing.

Unless you arrived here during some of your random walks through the internet, you probably know I already have a blog, the old and busted, which is also named “Something Bense” just like this one. Confusing? Let me explain, it won’t be long*.

The first blog

I’ve been kind of blogging since my high-school days, can’t remember exactly when but I’d say around 2005/2006. As you’d expect it was mostly of what kids these days call “shit-posting“. I think it started with Blogger. Eventually I discovered this superior platform WordPress and I moved to that, jumping between free-hosting services and finally

None of those posts were preserved (don’t worry, I don’t think anything valuable was lost) sometimes because of me messing up migrations and other times because I just didn’t care. To me, it was low-quality ephemeral ramblings.

Then it was the home server…

For a long time now (I think since 2008/2009) I’ve been running a “server at home”, which is a glamorous way to say: a computer running (almost) 24×7 serving requests from the internet. I started as people usually do: using a free dynamic DNS service and running Windows. I eventually got a proper domain registered and moved to Linux.

Running a server at home has not only been a great learning experience but also a huge boost to my digital lifestyle (if that’s a thing). Streaming services were not quite as good as they were today, file-sync was expensive and rigid. Centralizing all of my precious data on redundant & backed-up storage is just something I can’t go back to not having.

…and the issues that come with it

However, it ain’t flawless. Once in a while the DNS goes out of sync, sometimes for hours and sometimes for days. That means, everything works at home but not from the outside. I know that a blog hosted somewhere else is not a solution for those problems, but I have workarounds to get into the home automation, streaming and file-sync when it happens. But I don’t have workarounds for when my blog and/or email go down for several hours (or even days).

I guess I’ll get around to fix those issues eventually, why not take this as an opportunity to take a different direction with the blog?

What’s the blog supposed to be about?

I don’t know. I’m not looking for an audience or to sell something or to improve myself. I just like to look into random things from time to time, or to document my grievances with technology or to vent-off. The blog to me has always been about writing some silly stuff and moving on.

Looking back I think I realized that in a way, the blog is kinda therapeutic to me. Over the last few years, especially since 2020 up to today, I barely touched the blog, whatever the reason might be not having time due to work or personal stuff I’ve been dealing with.

The only thing I do know, is that is not meant to be taken too seriously.

Wrapping up

That’s it, welcome to the blog. The old blog will keep running at, who knows, maybe I’ll start blogging there as well?

Thank you for making it this far, to be honest it ain’t much interesting of a read.

Just in case, you can always find me on:

  • Instagram: @pizzadebarr
  • Twitter: @pizzadebarr (pretty much don’t tweet at all, but I do check on it daily)
  • Flickr: pizzadebarr (don’t use it anymore, last update is from Feb. 2019)
  • LinkedIn: Bruno Bense (don’t ever bother trying to sell me your MLM stuff)
  • Email: mail -at-

*ok, turned out to be longer than I anticipated.